Marketing Manager Program

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About Course

Who should attend?

is designed for all Marketing Manager or Executive or anyone looking to advancing their career by attending a recognized Marketing Management training program

consist of 3 modules.


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Course Content

Module 1: Marketing Principles and Techniques
This module aims at developing the knowledge and understanding of general marketing principles and their application in business <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand the role of marketing in business<br> 2. Understand marketing principles<br> 3. Understand marketing methods<br> 4. Understand how to develop a marketing plan for a specific product or service

Module 2: Marketing Mix
This module aims at developing a comprehensive understanding of the marketing mix and the roles of the seven aspects of the marketing mix to businesses. <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand the role of the product or service in the marketing mix<br> 2. Understand the role of price in the marketing mix<br> 3. Understand the role of place in the marketing mix<br> 4. Understand the role of promotion in the marketing mix<br> 5. Understand the role of process in the marketing mix<br> 6. Understand the role of people in the marketing mix<br> 7. Understand the role of physical evidence in the marketing mix

Module 3: Sales
To provide learners with knowledge and understanding of sales and the principles and practices of professional selling in the business environment. <br> <br> <b>Learning Outcomes</b> <br> The learner will:<br> 1. Understand the principles of selling and different selling methods<br> 2. Understand the principles of the sales process<br> 3. Understand the importance of sales technologies for organisations <br> 4. Understand the financial dimension of sales<br> 5. Understand sales structures in organisations